February 2020 District 5630 Newsletter

Contents: Page 1 – District Governor’s Message – DG Scott McLaughlin Page 1 – Announcement of District Governor for 2022-23 – DG Scott McLaughlin Page 2 – February 2020 President’s Message – RI President Mark Daniel Maloney Page 3 – Rotary Youth Exchange News – RYE Chair Paula Witt Page 4 – Rotary Foundation News – […] [Continue Reading] ...read more

District Trainer needed for RY 2020-21

District 5630 has an opening for the Rotary year 2020-21 for a District Trainer.  If you have someone in your club you think would be an inspirational leader with educational and instructional skills, please ask them if they would be willing to serve in a district leadership role.  This position has NUMEROUS resources from the […] [Continue Reading] ...read more

Our Membership Challenge

Just as the picture depicts, our membership numbers in the district are at crisis point. This is certainly not to blame any one person, club or challenge. We have arrived here as the consequence of our lack of action, and acceptance that we have a problem. In a 12-Step program (like Alcoholics Anonymous) they tell […] [Continue Reading] ...read more

District 5630 Rotarian of the Year Award Nominations

Being a member of a Rotary club does not make someone a Rotarian, it only makes them a member of a Rotary club.  A Rotarian helps the club achieve its goals and acts with high ethical standards.  A Rotarian also participates in the club’s community projects both locally and internationally. The “Rotarian of the Year” […] [Continue Reading] ...read more

November 2019 District 5630 Newsletter

Contents: Have you thought about serving as District Governor? – DG Scott McLaughlin Chart: Rotary’s Membership Experience – Rotary Leader Happy and Safe Schools Grant Approved Rotary Youth Exchange – Paula Witt The Perfect Facebook Post Photo: Big Red Blowout Winners Polio Eradication: Gains and Losses – Delane Wycoff Club News – Imperial, Ogallala, North […] [Continue Reading] ...read more